It is expected that all riders presenting for track competition will be competent in track craft, skills and protocols, and have at least a working knowledge of track cycling rules [technical regulations] and CA Code of Conduct

Coaches are to ensure that these requirements are met before recommending their charges present for competition. The Chief Commissaire at any meeting can order that a rider from any category undergo an independent assessment before their next track entry.




Each rider must present their racing licence/day licence when registering for ANY Track racing event. A 'receipt copy' is only acceptable during the change over period each year. Likewise, a license copy on your phone is not automatically acceptable, it is a 'backup' in emergencies!

Membership Categories
Cycling Australia offers a membership for everyone: recreational, racing, masters, UCI international racing, family, para cycling, and non-riding memberships.

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Riders are to contest every event they or their grade has been scheduled for. The practice of riders selecting which event they will or will not contest will not be accepted. Riders unable to continue contesting the scheduled events will advise the Chief Commissaire of his/her reason for scratching.

Minimum Entries

A race event may be cancelled or recatagorised if the Commissaires deem there are inadequate starters to make a meaningful contest. Championships may be cancelled or modified if there are less than four starters.


Riders are not to ‘downgrade’ themselves, but to ride in the grade as published for the night, unless altered on the night by the Commissaire. This may vary depending on numbers of riders and ability, for any given night.

Combined Categories

It may be deemed appropriate from time to time to combine junior and senior riders in the one event. On these occasions the junior gear limitations still apply.

Head or Neck Injury

Any rider who has sustained a head, neck or facial injury will not be permitted to continue racing. The rider must provide a medical certificate before racing again.

Juniors - Leaving the Arena

It is recommended that Junior riders wishing to leave the arena [toilet breaks, etc.] advise an adult/coach/ parent/Commissaire of their intension, before leaving and again on their return.