TCWA Monday night sessions are structured around the idea of being Points Race simulations. Participants of these sessions are expected to work within the structure of the sessions, but have a couple of different options for how they do this. The rules, expectations, and structure of the sessions will be reviewed briefly before every session.  We will endeavor to have a motorcycle driver and a safety officer/coach on the apron at every session. We will also endeavor to run the session every Monday of the year except public holidays. When it is not possible to run on a non-public holiday we will endeavor to foresee this and give ample notice to participants to make other plans.

The skills and abilities we need riders to have or develop in order to be included in the session are: accept feedback, respectfully communicate with other riders on and off the track (even if emotion and frustration are high), think and be aware while fatigued, roll slowly in a group around the top of the track, execute safe riding etiquette while fresh and fatigued, make good decisions, safe passing execution and distance as it is a training session and not a race, handle an incidental bump of shoulders when there is a small speed difference, have broad awareness of traffic when entering and exiting the track, etc

Please read detailed information sheet here: TCWA Monday Night Sessions


Monday Night Session

Gloves to be worn at all times please

6:00pm C and D Grades. This is an 80 lap session with 20 laps warm up and 60 laps with sprints at lap 60, 52, 42, 32, 22, 12, and 2. The average speed of the motorcycle will run at 38-40kph.

6:45pm A and B Grades. This is a 130 lap session with 20 laps warm up and 100 laps with sprints at 10 lap intervals for each group. B grade will sprint at laps 97, 87, 77, 67, 57, 47, 37, 27, 17, and 7. A grade will sprint at laps 92, 82, 72, 62, 52, 42, 32, 22, 12, and 2. The average speed of the motorcycle will run at 44-46kph.

7:45pm Cool Down 15 laps. The motorcycle will assist and the speed will be about 35kph.

7:55pm Madison Session. If there is interest in the building, riders are encouraged to practice their Madison skills.

Monday Night Session

Cost: $10 for Members

Cost: $15 for  Non Members as of October 1st, 2018


Alternate contact:

Track Cycling Team - Chris Pratley
Mobile: 0418 293 941